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Security & governance

A purpose-built platform for professional services

Professional services are different. Their markets, clients and ways of doing business require specialised solutions.

We’ve built Passle over the last 7 years with one overriding purpose; to be the best platform for the world’s finest minds.


A full set of tools, checks and balances to secure your content and give you complete control over what is published

Permission Control​

Set the correct permission levels for your users to create, administer, approve and share content. Add and manage users at the click of a button.

Managing users roles example

Approval Workflows​

​Set up approval paths for your content to ensure that every insight published is checked and meets your content guidelines. Set specific approvers for one user and/or create universal workflows for teams.

Request approval example


​Developed with the security needs of professional services firms in mind

HTTPs & Encryption​

HTTPs & Encryption​

Passle data is fully encrypted at all times. In the case of sensitive data, this is further encrypted​ in the database using TripleDES encryption.​

​For public facing content such as posts, we offer and encourage https.​

Secure Access and login

Simple & Secure Access

Passle incorporates 2 factor authentication (2FA) and also integrates with your Single Sign On (SSO) solution to provide access intuitively and securely.


Passle provides a full set of tools to secure your content and give you complete control over what is published

99% uptime

99.994% uptime​

A combination of infrastructure across different availability zones, combined with auto scaling servers and built in redundancies for critical components mean we ensure smooth, continued service for clients.​

Web Server Security​

Web Server Security​

All of our web servers are in private networks. Load balancers manage all traffic to the web servers, and we use AWS security groups to ensure that no connections can be made from any other source.​