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Professionals at the world’s pre-eminent firms use Passle to position themselves and their firm as the obvious choice for clients and talent.

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From inspiration to approved and published insight in moments

The quickest way to create a post is by commenting on an article using the Passle button. On any web page, highlight a snippet of interesting text and hit the Passle Button on your bookmarks toolbar to start a post. ​​

The commentary format means experts can create timely, authentic, on-topic content in minutes. They can quickly react to industry news and trends with short, highly-relevant content. Tweets can be added to give context and social proof.

Whether it is a new piece of legislation, a newspaper headline or a ship stuck in the Suez canal, with Passle, your experts can lead the conversation.​


Publish blog posts, PDFs, podcasts and videos in a matter of minutes

Image libraries

The Passle image library enables you to upload your own in-house imagery or to choose from either 1 million Pixabay images or 100 million premium Getty images.

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Native & third party video

Videos are delivered natively from your website. When a video is uploaded, Passle takes a selection of screenshots from throughout the video and the author simply chooses the best one (or uploads another image, if preferred) to display on the post.

The video has a variable bitrate streaming algorithm so that the best streaming speed is chosen depending on the viewers device and connection speed. YouTube and other services are also supported, if the content is already held there.​

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Podcast & audio​

Audio files, much like video, can be easily uploaded to Passle and delivered natively from your website and via Passle apps. Stock images can be added to provide a consistent theme. Like video, audio has variable bitrate streaming so that the best streaming speed can be used.​

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Whitepapers & PDF​s

When PDF files are uploaded, Passle will automatically create an image from the front page, which is used when the pdf is shared to the social networks. ​

This image can be changed if you prefer. In addition, the PDF file is indexed and made searchable and can be found via search in the Passle app or desktop. ​

The size of the file is displayed so that the user is aware of the approximate download time. As with other file types, multiple authors are supported.

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External content

Easily promote your content from other websites

Passle also enables you to create posts as a link to external websites. ​

​If you have event pages, mentions in the press or other external features, you can curate and link to this content to collect and promote it.​

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